Quinoa Hot Breakfast Cereal

I’ve loved oatmeal all my life, the  creamy texture of it set off against crumbled brown sugar, melting into the cream poured over it. Sometimes I’d add cinnamon and apples, or even get the seasoned instant in a pouch variety…it was all good. Unfortunately, my body and mouth are in disagreement on the topic and my body won. So, no more oatmeal.

I don’t generally enjoy foods that are made to simulate the flavours of others. Rather, I look for combinations that give me similar sensations on eating. I’ve tried, but did not enjoy rolled quinoa…too gummy. I tried a few things and this is my favourite preparation. Succanat is a sugar cane product made by drying cane juice. If you don’t have succanat, use maple syrup if you have it (but at the end) or brown sugar.