CHICKEN (or Turkey) MOLE

Chicken or Turkey parts, 3/4lb per serving (bone in)
Oil or lard Water or broth
1 Garlic clove per leg
Salt to taste
Mole sauce (1/4 cup per leg)

  1. Brown the chicken in the oil.
  2. Add the water and garlic, using enough water to come halfway up the side of the leg…about 1/2 cup per leg, up to about 1 cup.
  3. Cover the pan.
  4. Poach for 10-15 minutes at medium heat.
  5. Mash the garlic and add the mole sauce, stirring until it is smooth and creamy.
  6. Cook for another 10 minutes at a low heat.
  7. Serve with rice, tortillas, or salad, or all three.
Southwestern Breakfast Tortilla Bowl

Southwestern Breakfast Tortilla Bowl


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