Glen Synoground

GlenSynogroundGlen is a senior management executive who brings originality and passion to his cooking.

Glen occasionally shares his original Tex-Mex recipes with us and is kind enough to allow access to his extensive portfolio of excellent food photographs when our writers are unable to provide their own images. We’re very pleased to have his support.

Sometimes classic, sometimes twisted, Glen’s photographs and descriptions stimulate the appetite.

He’s also a damnfine pool player.

Occasionally, he’ll grace us with an original recipe, but we’re pleased to have his photographs to illustrate the various recipes and articles here. To see all the recipes that Glen’s photos are associated with, please go to this link.

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  1. Glen is knowledgeable about dinner and drinks. His personality and character shines best when he serves both an incredible dinner paired with a delightful drink, both complementary of each other.

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