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The end of the year, December is always about making sure we remember to celebrate our families and friendships. Parties, dinners, brunches, and celebrations in general give us the opportunity to share food with our loved ones.

Not only is it a good time to gift them with some of those pickles and tomatoes you canned in the nicer weather, there are still things you are able to preserve in December.

Like cabbage. It’s a great time for Kim Chi, which is nicely spicy and helps cut through the cold and drab days. Right now we have two recipes: Philly’s Easy Kim Chi is a traditional style, and Joel’s Smoked Mackerel Kim Chi is a bit of serendipitous fusion. There will be an accompanying recipe for Bulgoki Beef soon, I promise.

We also have a recipe for No Knead Sourdough, and will have more for you soon. Not only the usual how to plan a party and make food for holiday events, but also how to pack for your plane trip home. Who cares what kind of food the airlines are serving? You can have the best!

Potato Latkes are a great seasonal dish if you are cooking for Hanukah, or invited to a potluck. When fried in oil, they are excellent at room temperature.

We’ll be adding more to this soon, but wanted to make sure that it was begun.

Roasted Vegetables and Polenta Soup

Roasted Vegetables and Polenta Soup

November is the first of the truly cold months throughout The Great White North, and so it’s all about Bread and Soup for us here at Eatin’s Canada.  We’re featuring recipes for both, and a review about Enoteca Sociale,  in Toronto, along with an interview with Holger,  their Bread Baker and Pasta Maker, and a recipe for Enoteca Sociale’s Rosemary  Foccacia.

We have a Roasted Vegetable & Polenta Soup recipe from Glen Synoground, and many soup recipes from Bill Wimberly, beginning with his recipes for Basic Chicken Broth and Stock Variations about the differences between Broth and Stock.

Heart of Bread

We LOVE bread!

We also have recipes for some of my favourite bread recipes. One is from the Purity Flour Cookbook recipe for White Bread (with variations for 60% whole wheat), which was the first that I ever used when making my first loaves at the age of 10. This recipe was also featured in other popular flour company  cookbooks of the time. Also, Phyllis’s Bread, and Sunflower Bread from The Deaf Smith Country Cookbook, by Marjorie Winn Ford, Susan Hillyard, and Mary Faulk Koock, of Texas. A wonderful bread and a favourite cookbook…now sadly, out of print, but available online. Finally, we have instructions for Trapping and feeding Wild Sourdough Yeast.

Bill Wimberly in the army

Bill Wimberly in the army

A bit more about Bill Wimberly…he was a corporate chef, a good friend to me as a blogger,  and a wonderful and thoughtful man.

Sadly, we lost Bill  to Cancer shortly after this site was built, but it was created in part with him in mind.

Bill began cooking while in the service as a young man, and then went onto chef school to study formally on The GI Bill. When we first “met”  online in 2007, Bill was a semi-retired corporate chef and one of my best advisors in recipe development.  He is our patron saint, not unlike St. Vincent, and dearly missed.

We’ll post as many of his excellent recipes as possible.