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Eatin’s Canada – January

Welcome to the very first Eatin’s Canada monthly magazine! We’re still developing and fine-tuning the content. Expect to see a bit more  over the next few days. Chilies Each edition will feature new recipes for meals, and for putting by, reviews of restaurants and food products, and interviews, as well as links to thought-provoking talks and essays about food.   For this first edition, we’re featuring Mexican food because nothing warms a Canadian winter like rich and spicy cuisine!

MoleThis month’s Putting Food By section features both an excellent Chocolate Mole sauce, and an exceptionally delicious Three Bean Chili that is rich and satisfying enough that many a meat eater has insisted that there was meat in it. Each recipe is given in quantities that are suitable either for a large party, or to freeze (which is what I do with them most of the time)

SouthwesternBreakfastTortillaBowl02FlipThe Recipes section has the preparation of Chicken Mole using the sauce, a salsa recipe, a Mexican Rice Pilaf, and a Coconut Cream Pie recipe that uses no flour!

Our contributor Glen Synoground also presents his excellent Southwestern Breakfast Tortilla Bowls, pictured here .

SocialCoffee03Reviews This month’s feature feature review is by Wayne Kwok, on Farmer’s Collective Organic Espresso, roasted by Social Coffee & Tea Company, plus mini-reviews for many other wonderful products, from Soup (Ontario Naturals) to nuts (Orasta).

We pretty much only have time to review the good food that we find.To review something properly, one has to taste it repeatedly in order to examine and relate all the important food notes…there’s no real desire to do that with food that isn’t wonderful, so we don’t.

If, over time, we find it impossible to maintain an absolute policy of niceness, we will create ‘The Dorothy Parker Room‘ (“If you can’t say anything nice, come on over and sit next to me.”), hosted by her sister-in-spirit Jezebel Parker. For now, however, the Good Food Fan Club Policy is in effect. The Reviews/Directory section is the archive of all reviewed products, services, events and books.  The only way to be represented in our directory is to be reviewed and to be thought highly of.

Rose Of Sharon BeeThis month’s Food for Thought features an excellent TED Talk by chef Dan Barber about his quest for a truly sustainable fish. It’s a fascinating exploration of farming methodologies and how treating even predators with respect can yield great results.

EnriqueWalkingOur Interview The House of Sotol is with Enrique Elisa of Vinomex, makers of Sotol and was recorded at the 2012 Canadian Restaurant Food Association (CRFA) Show. Over time, we’ll introduce more features, and we look forward to hosting our first events. For now though, we’re excited to have the first edition of Eatin’s Canada published, and welcome you to enjoy the journey with us.


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