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Eatin’s Canada – March

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The theme for March is: Seeds, Spring, and Promise, so this month’s articles and recipes focus on seeds.

aFennelSMarch is when the plans for the year’s food activities begin, planting the garden and using the first early produce (for those lucky enough to be in a warmer area this year). So, this month’s main Food for Thought feature looks at that.



Labrador Creole Bean Soup – Photo and recipe, GaddAboutEating

Recipes this month feature seeds and beans, we have: GaddAboutEating‘s Labrador Creole Bean Soup, Gurpreet Chana‘s Butter Chicken with Whole Seed Spices, Lindiwe Sithole‘s Zimbabwean style Red Kidney Beans, my own Chai Packets, Sean Gault‘s “Down to a Science Ribs”, and Alison Cole‘s article on Sunflower Seeds, featuring a  recipe by RawRose, Sunflower Seed Hummus.

Convivial01I’ve introduced our Events Calendar and invite you to submit events to it. If you have any issues with that, please message me through the contact form that is also on the page.


MexicanVanillaPlantationThere will be more reviews coming, but this months main review is on The Mexican Vanilla Plantation.  This is without exaggeration, the best Vanilla I have ever had. There is an audio interview on the page to listen to as well as the review.

Sugarbush Pails - Photo by JP Campbell

Sugarbush Pails – Photo by JP Campbell

My personal favourite feature this month, is JP Campbell‘s Sugarbush Sugarshack, also the first article to have a voiceover. Eatin’s Canada wants to be inclusive on all levels and this is intended to help the blind and those that have difficulty reading from the screen the opportunity to enjoy the content.

There’s more to come, but that’s all for  now!


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