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Ginger Poached Pears

Poached pears with ginger syrup

Poached pears are a long time personal favourite. I’m happy to make these on a gloomy day just to perk my spirits up. A poached

Dry cured olives on a dish

Dry-cured olives and olive salt

Dry cured olives for entertaining and family dinners My favourite olives both to make and to eat are dry cured. These are so easy to

I have wanted to use this Cornbread Cacti baking pan for more than 15 years!

Lisa Shamai’s Corny Cornbread

I first had this cornbread at Mr Rick and the Biscuits, CD release party for Cocktails & Cornbread in 2005 (here’s the title song, somewhat

Marzipan Pinot Noir on unbleached almond marzipan, on English fruitcake made with home-candied fruits.


Marzipan is easy & fun to work with I am a big fan of marzipan, but always expected it to be difficult to make and

Quiche with pastizzi layer

Pastizzi Quiche

When you have some puff pastry to play with and can’t choose between Pastizzi or Quiche, make both!

Freshly baked pecan pie with leaves ornament.

Jaine’s mum’s Pecan Pie

Rich, easy, and decadent pecan pie It’s Pi Day! Recipe by Mrs Ross, article by Gayle Hurmuses Use with Pie Crust recipe *Note: Jaine tells

Kourambiedis opened to show the crumb

Kourambiedes – Greek almond cookie recipe

Classic Greek Almond Cookies Kourambiedis have always been my favourite Greek cookie/confection. One of the best parts of holiday dinners was unwrapping the packages from