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Shoshana Brohman

Shoshana Brohman

Our Toronto Editor, Shoshana Brohman is a George Brown trained  chef who graduated in 1999. She, has run her own catering company since college called Good To Go, and ran the Moon Bean the first coffee house in TO to roast its own beans.

Shoshana’s first restaurant gig at 16, was at The Left Bank on Queen St. W., in Toronto, but she has worked everywhere. Was involved in helping the Food truck movement but haven’t worked fully in the industry since 2012 when she worked for Loblaws in their food program as a consultant for Food programs for kids,

Shona has competed in and been published in the All You Need is Cheese, plus a bunch of the kind of dairy/meat/ wheat board sponsored stuff as they have the most frequent computations. She has won the Duncan’s Hines baking competitions several years in a row.