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Chickens: A new beginning

    Mamie perching on my arm. She has to be lifted off when put back in the dinorama...doesn't want to leave.
    Mamie loves me - Chicken snuggling with me
    Mamie loves me

    Above is baby “Mamie” perching on my arm. Mamie was born tame, she had to be lifted off when put back in the dinorama…She was always happy on my arm and didn’t want to leave. one of my two favourite chickens and the sweetest bird.

    I’ve missed having chickens and am excited to be having them again.

    We’ve been putting it off until we were “ready”, but as often happens with babies, we found ourselves making ready because they had arrived and were available. A friend posted today about some bonus chicks that she found with a lost broody hen. So, we’re taking them!

    It’s going to be chaotic for a couple of weeks, because we are preparing for a deck refurbishment beginning day after tomorrow so the house is going to be a bit nutty…but BABIES!

    Biggie brooding her first clutch
    Biggie brooding her first clutch

    While we’re at it, here is a photo of Biggie, the other favourite. 🙂