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One step forward, 10 chicks back

    Baby chickies back with Mom

    The construction ended up taking longer than anticipated, but that was workable. it just meant the chickies had to be indoors for a few days longer.

    Unfortunately, everyone in the house got Covid with the coop and enclosure still needing work to be completed. We didn’t want to risk not having proper shelter ready for winter, so the babies had to go back to mom for resettlement.

    They’re all here in the photograph, it’s just that some of them are under her. It’s really impressive seeing how many babies a mother hen can shelter…even as they get bigger. It gives meaning to the phrase “under her wing”.

    We miss them, we enjoy having chickens as pets and the little cheeps are especially fun. We’ll miss the eggs in the early spring as well.

    As soon as everyone is well again, we’ll start work on the coop, then get the enclosure set up for the spring and a new set of babies.