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Morel Marauders: Pill bugs and pillage, slimy slugs, sneaky squirrels

Grey squirrel with attitude

Farging bastages! We were robbed dammit! Our bonus morel crop was literally decimated. Where I had hoped we might have as much as 10lbs of fresh morels, we were left with less than 1lb of mature fruit.

Battle of the baklavas: Greek vs Turkish

Baklava with honey and lemon

Baklava with honey and lemon

Baklava  is a bit spendy to make, is sold by the pound, and is served mostly on special occasions.

Pastizzi quiche

Quiche with pastizzi layer

Quiche with pastizzi layer

Try Pastizzi Quiche! Two delicious recipes combined into one fabulously decadent treat. A bottom layer of pastizzi beneath a creamy quiche custard with bacon and fresh homemade ricotta cheese