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Larry Fiege of Fiege’s Farm, talking about BC Big Leaf Maple Syrup

    Larry Fiege of Fiege's Farm BC Big Leaf Maple Syrup

    Photo and Interview by Gayle Hurmuses, with additional questions from Tilman Hainle.

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    Growing up in BC, I always wondered why only eastern maples could be tapped for syrup. I discovered this year that others had taken that on and begun tapping and boiling down the sap of the Big Leaf Maple which grows vigorously throughout the province.
    The conditions make it difficult or impossible to produce Big Leaf Maple Syrup on a scale that makes it profitable, but a small group of local farmers make syrup for a small but growing segment of dedicated fans.

    Larry Fiege is one of those farmers and he recently introduced me to the fact of BC maple syrup’s unique and fascinating flavour…his syrup is lovely, with caramel notes, and a rich, full flavour…more aromatic than the many  excellent eastern maple syrups I’ve had.

    It’s a capricious practice, the conditions aren’t always right, and the yields are unpredictable and often low…but the flavour is outstanding and unique…always lovely, but  as variable as west coast weather.

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