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Meredith’s Lime Ginger Elixir

    Merediths Lime Elixir

    Interview at Taste of Toronto with Meredith of Meredith’s Lime Ginger Elixir.

    We had begun our visit to the festival on Sunday, with a trip to the Grey County booth for a brief hello with Philly Markowitz of the Grey County Board of Tourism and a quick shot of the Elixir, which I had tried on an earlier visit on Friday night and wanted to introduce my companion to.

    Later, while standing near the gate of the show, we asked two young women who were exiting what their favourite find of the show had been: “The Sangria at the Grey County Booth! We had 3 of those each they were so good!”

    So, we returned to try the Sangria, which I had not had on our earlier visit to the booth, as I’d not eaten yet.

    With that situation well-corrected at this point, we went back to the booth and sampled the “Sangria”, made with a local Grey County Coffins Ridge Forbidden Cider and Merediths Lime Ginger Elixir, which was delicious as promised.

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