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Lester’s Farm Market – St John’s

Review and Photography by GaddAboutEating.

Strawberries at Lester's Farm Market
Strawberries at Lester’s Farm Market

First off I have to admit:   I was after the berries.   Ever since landing here in Newfoundland I was told about how great the strawberries are from the farm.   I’ve tried finding them in the grocery stores but they are always out of local.  So when my Mother’s friend told us, as we were having tea, that Lester’s was the place to go, we decided it was the place to be.   It was way too hot for tea today anyway.

The market is well known for their fresh strawberries, when in season.   During the berry season, U-Pick is also available at their two farm locations.   Check their website for details as the farms are open dependent upon current growing and weather conditions.

Lester's Farm Market
Lester’s Farm Market

Lester’s Farm Market features heavily the produce from the farm but it also has a selection of dairy and baked goods.

Fresh produce when I visited included beet greens, collards, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, zucchini, green onion, lettuce, cabbage, white turnip, garlic scapes, swiss chard, kale, potatoes, cucumber and more.

Lester's Farm Market
Lester’s Farm Market

Inside the Market, they also have gardening supplies, including soil and fertilizer as well as gardening tools, seeds, and watering aids.

Lester’s also features a petting zoo on the property and a mobile food truck.   Lester’s has been around since 1854 and it is clear they are doing it right.

Lester's Farm Market
Lester’s Farm Market

On my way out the door I decide to ‘check in’ on Facebook and a few minutes later receive a message from a good friend in Toronto because a Facebook friend of hers, from St. John’s, had just posted a query about the current availability of strawberries at Lester’s.  I was glad to report back that there were indeed strawberries available and in doing so have made a new friend.

Lester’s Farm Market
173 Brookfield Road
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
Phone:   (709)  747-FARM (3276)
Email:     [email protected]

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