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PSA – Pain-free, fast cherry-pitting

    Cherry Stoner
    Cherry Stoner
    When I posted this image to Facebook my friend Kent said Cherry Stoner Thatd totally be my groupie name

    This style of cherry-pitter is the one-and-only proper use of slap-chop technology. There are many versions, this is the one that my partner already owned when I moved in. With this, I can pit 5lbs of cherries in less than 30 minutes.

    It is more than worth the price (Between $24 – $40 unless you find it in a thrift shop),

    By the way, if you aren’t a teetotaler DO NOT TOSS THE PITS. Fill a jar halfway with pits, pour a bit of sugar over them, and then fill to the brim with brandy, rum, or vodka (a quality version please, garbage in, garbage out). If you like, include a few whole cherries.

    This will very quickly give you an almost irresistible result with a rich cherry flavour . If you can wait a few months however, it will gain a richness that is worth the wait. At this point, it tastes a lot like Cherry Herring

    PS. This is not paid placement, I am not making any money on this post. It is a public service announcement to the cherry-pitting people inspired by this morning’s Facebook chat,  below.

    Cherry Chat with Don Fowler
    Cherry Chat with Don Fowler

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