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Rae’s Gravlaks (gravlax)

    Gravlaks From Rae
    Gravlaks From Rae

    Rae’s Gravlaks (gravlax)

    I had already been planning to publish this recipe for New Year's Day that my parents used to make for their NYE parties and serve for First Night dinner. Then, while checking my food groups came across a request for a way to use some salmon pieces.
    Serendipity for the win!
    Course: Appetizer
    Cuisine: Danish, Norwegian, Scandinavian, Swedish
    Keyword: Salmon
    Servings: 20



    • 1 kilo salmon
    • 1 – 2 Tbsp salt
    • 1/2 – 1 Tbsp sugar
    • 3/4 – 1 tsp fresh ground white pepper
    • 2 bouquets dried Pine branches and/or fresh dill


    • Dry mustard
    • Vinegar
    • peanut oil
    • sugar
    • Fresh dill
    • Salt
    • Pepper



    • Salmon: must be fresh. Fileted. Leave skin on, cut off head & tail, scrape membrane off belly
    • Procedure: Lay pine branches in big, pan
    • Top with dill
    • Lay salmon filet skin side down.
    • Spread with mixed spices as above (**) and lots of scissored dill
    • Do the same to other filet and place on top of first filet, skin side up,
    • Cover generously with dill, then pine branches.
    • Cover with board and heavy weight on top.
    • Place in cellar for 24 hours, (If too warm, leave only 12 hrs. then in fridge, then again 12 hrs. in warmer temp.)
    • When ready, cut in 1 inch slices.
    • Serve with sliced lemon and a mustard sauce.


    • Sauce should be sweetish.
    • Start with mustard, add vinegar and oil gradually, beating.
    • Make thick sauce.
    • Add lots of chopped dill, a lot of sugar, a little salt and pepper.


    Gravlaks From Rae
    Gravlaks From Rae
    Rae and Jan were friends of my parents who were attached to the Swedish embassy in Washington. Sadly, I do not recall their last name.
    Please note that Rae suggests a fermentation stage that Canadian health regulations frown upon.
    Our recommendation is to complete the entire process in a refrigerated environment.
    Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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