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Zen Green Tomatoes

    Finished Zen Tomatoes in Oil

    Recipe and photos by Fake Cook.

    Finished Zen Tomatoes in Oil

    Zen Green Tomatoes

    Crunchy, a bit salty, tangy, fennelly, definitely garlicky…ANTIPASTO. YES!


    • 2 Lbs Green Tomatoes
    • 1/2 Cup Sea Salt
    • 1 Head Garlic Cloves Sliced
    • Olive Oil As required
    • 1 Tbsp Fennel Seeds (More if you use a large amount of Tomatoes)


    • Washed Green Tomatoes
      Wash tomatoes well with good clean water.
    • Sliced or quartered into mouth manageable circles. DRY THEM! (Use a clean cloth or paper towels to do this).
    • Toss in loads of coarse sea salt, hunks of garlic and fennel seeds.
    • Weigh them down for a day or so…:-) Drain them.
    • Smiling Green Tomatoes
      Now they look like this. Toss them around a bit…Make them smile!
    • Patience: Green Tomatoes
      Weigh them down again for about a week. Drain water daily. Patience.
    • Zen Tomatoes nothing to drain
      Approximately 5 days later, as you see there is no water left to drain!
    • Plated tomatoes on cloth, now they look like this.
      Now they look like this. Rinsed them and gave them the full towel-dry spa treatment.
    • Decided against adding more fresh garlic and fennel seed. They taste amazing as is. Do as you wish…add more or don’t, as your own taste dictates.
    • Finished tomatoes in oil
      Place in sterilized jars topped off with olive oil and a wee sprinkle of Himalayan rock salt…or your favourite other salt.
    • Should last for at least a month refrigerated.
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