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GaddAboutEating at Tibisti Grill

Tibisti ribeye steak dinner

Article and photography by GaddAboutEating, Voiceover by Lew Williams. 

February is the Month of Love.

I love food.  I love sharing food.  I love sharing food with the people I love.   It’s lovely.

I must have written about this place a half dozen times; visited too many times to count.   Watched, years ago, as the renovations were done to the space and were eager to see what was being brought to life in the neighborhood.  (I really don’t have to GaddAbout very far in order to enjoy some incredible food). Tibisti has that ‘family’ feel;  you will be welcomed on your first visit and treated as if you were a long-time friend.

Tibisti baclawaAbsolutely the BEST baclawa.  Yes I realize I am reviewing the last part of the dinner first.  I cannot be expected to leave the best to last.

Best Baclawa Ever.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  My partner theorized that the key was in the honey used.    When complemented on its excellence the chef said it’s his specialty – a secret.  I asked if the secret was the honey or the sweet water he used;   I got  no reply from him other than ‘he makes his own syrup”.  So it remains a mystery…. but isn’t that what magic is all about?

…and why should I have to save the best for last?…

Mirgaz or Merguez.   What a lovely word.   What delicious food.  It’s a North African and Middle Eastern food.  Spiced ground meat with seasonings.  Sometimes it is put into a casing – made into a sausage. Tibisiti style is wrapped on flat long skewers and grilled.  Fresh.

Tibisti hummusHummous.   The food of the gods.  An ancient food made with basic ingredients.   Delicious and freshly made and like everything else at Tibisti:  it is the best.

Tender, lemony roasted potatoes.   Drool factor about Tibisti lemon roast potatoesan 11 on a scale of 10.   I’m making myself hungry while I’m typing this up.  I’ve managed to figure out a fairly decent recipe for making these at home but no matter what I do – they are never as good as the real thing made by Chef Mohammad at Tibisti.

Tibisti ribeye steak dinnerHalal meat from the butcher’s case, sliced fresh and grilled to  absolute perfection.  Tender and tasty.

Tibisti offers an eat-in, take out grill with a variety of tender and juicy Lebanese and South Asian dishes.  Great service and atmosphere. When they say “This is the best ______ you’ve ever had”, they’re telling the truth.

Tibisti Foods & Grill (604) 737-1000 6990 Victoria Drive Vancouver, BC

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