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Potato Patty (Aloo Tikki)

    Potato patties
    Potato patties

    Potato Patty (Aloo Tikki)

    A famous Indian street snack, which can be served with tamarind sauce or can also be used in the middle of burger buns to make delicious vegetarian burgers.
    Prep Time: 45 minutes
    Cook Time: 1 hour
    Total Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
    Servings: 6 people


    • 6 Large potatoes Boiled and peeled
    • 1/2 cup Channa Dal (Cracked black chick pea lentils) Optional
    • 2 slices bread (or bread crumbs)
    • 1 Tsp cumin powder
    • 1-2 Tsps Salt (to taste)
    • 1 Tsp Garam Masala (Indian Spice) Available at India grocery stores or Asian Isles in any super market
    • 1/2 Tsp Amchoor Powder (Dried Mango Powder) Available at India grocery stores or Asian Isles in any super market
    • 2 Tsps Fresh Cilantro Leaves chopped
    • 2 Tbsps Cooking oil
    • 1 Large Onion Chopped
    • 1 Large White Radish Grated
    • 1 Tsp Chat Masala Indian spice


    • Boil the potatoes (cut them into halves and boil in water), and mash until nicely smooth
    • On the other side boil and mash the lentils as well. A food processor might help in making them smooth
    • Make crumbs out of the bread pieces, and mix them together with mashed potatoes and lentils
    • Add all the spices into it and mix very nicely
    • Put some oil on your hands, and start making small patties out of the mix
    • Grease an electric grill to shallow fry the patties, or an omelette pan can also be used over a stove top
    • Potato patties
      Patties can be deep fried or just shallow fry with little bit of oil
    • Potato patties
      Cook both sides until brown
    • Curried chickpeas by Gurpreet Chana
      Serve with Chick Pea Curry or plain tamarind sauce or tomato ketchup
    • Garnish with grated radish, chopped onions, chat masala, and cilantro leaves
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