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Lester’s Farm Market – St John’s

Review and Photography by GaddAboutEating.

Strawberries at Lester's Farm Market
Strawberries at Lester’s Farm Market
First off I have to admit:   I was after the berries.   Ever since landing here in Newfoundland I was told about how great the strawberries are from the farm.   I’ve tried finding them in the grocery stores but they are always out of local.  So when my Mother’s friend told us, as we were having tea, that Lester’s was the place to go, we decided it was the place to be.   It was way too hot for tea today anyway.

The market is well known for their fresh strawberries, when in season.   During the berry season, U-Pick is also available at their two farm locations.   Check their website for details as the farms are open dependent upon current growing and weather conditions.

Lester's Farm Market
Lester’s Farm Market

Lester’s Farm Market features heavily the produce from the farm but it also has a selection of dairy and baked goods.

Fresh produce when I visited included beet greens, collards, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, zucchini, green onion, lettuce, cabbage, white turnip, garlic scapes, swiss chard, kale, potatoes, cucumber and more.

Lester's Farm Market
Lester’s Farm Market

Inside the Market, they also have gardening supplies, including soil and fertilizer as well as gardening tools, seeds, and watering aids.

Lester’s also features a petting zoo on the property and a mobile food truck.   Lester’s has been around since 1854 and it is clear they are doing it right.

Lester's Farm Market
Lester’s Farm Market

On my way out the door I decide to ‘check in’ on Facebook and a few minutes later receive a message from a good friend in Toronto because a Facebook friend of hers, from St. John’s, had just posted a query about the current availability of strawberries at Lester’s.  I was glad to report back that there were indeed strawberries available and in doing so have made a new friend.

Lester’s Farm Market
173 Brookfield Road
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
Phone:   (709)  747-FARM (3276)
Email:     lestersfarmmarket@hotmail.com
Web:       http://www.lestersfarmmarket.com/

GaddAboutEating Newfoundland’s finest foods

Article and photographs by GaddAboutEating

I’m currently GaddingAbout Eating in Newfoundland where I am visiting friends and family.   It would be hard to avoid the ocean and its wonderful bounty when visiting (or talking about) Newfoundland.

Newfoundland’s history is firmly rooted in the Cod Fishery.   Europeans were recorded to be visiting here to fish as far back as 1501 and settlements started springing up soon after.   Reportedly, fishing at that time was as easy as dipping a basket into the ocean.

Things have changed over the years and for a period of time the question has been:  “Will the Cod Fishery be part of Newfoundland’s future?”.   A moratorium was put in place in 1992 in response to the collapse of the North Atlantic cod stocks.   A study in 2010 did show that the stocks are recovering but at that point had only returned to 10% of original biomass, having fallen to 1% at the time of the moratorium.

Starting in 2013, a recreational (food) fishery was opened allowing people to catch up to 5 fish per day (maximum 15 per boat) including cod, during selected weeks of the summer.  The fishery is on currently and my host this week went out with his neighbour.  Like ya would! 😉

DSC_0302If you’re super lucky, you’ll also know someone who knows someone who has a commercial licence for things like crab or lobster.  Or you’ll know someone who knows someone… also given is that Newfoundlanders love to share with their neighbours.  So when the neighbours hear that someone has guests from ‘The Mainland’ then you might even get yourself a lovely feed of delicious crab legs.

DSC_0305Crab eating is dirty work, so don’t wear your best shirt.   Expect to take a bath in crab water at some point.   If at all possible, eat outside; on a deck next to the water; drinking some yummy beverages; and close to a garden hose.

I plan on writing more about my food adventures on The Rock including some recipes, restaurant reviews, and photos.

But for now, one more food porn teaser.   A photo of some amazing Smoked Jerked Chicken.  enJOY


Eatins Canada – June

farmageddon-book-672x372Given recent events in the news, the most important article in the June Edition of Eatin’s Canada is Alison Cole‘sexcellent interview with Philip Lymberly, author (with Isabel Oakshott) of Farmageddon: The true cost of cheap meat, and the review, also by Alison, of this timely book on a heartbreaking topic.

IMG_6337We also have more excellent recipes from GaddAboutEating, a luscious Goat Cheese Cheesecake and Graham Crumb Crust and Gurpreet Chana, with some delicious Aloo Tikki (Potato Patty’s) and Chickpea Curry.

AndesFlavours11Finally, we have a review of Andean Flavours 2014, by our editor, Gayle Hurmuses, and as always, please sign up for our mailing list and receive a copy of Easy Date Oven, our collection of simple recipes for dating and dining.

Cooking isn’t work, it’s entertainment, it’s nurture, it’s fun!


Easy Date Oven Book Cover
Easy Date Oven Book Cover

Main Street Honey Shoppe – Vancouver

Review by GaddAboutEating

Main Street Honey Shoppe
4125  Main Street
Vancouver, B.C.  V5V 3P6

604 – 879 – 6052
Fax: 1 – 888 – 424 – 3079
Email:  info@mainstreethoney.com

Main Street Honey Shoppe (inside)An amazing location full of honey products.   Honey, wax, bee pollen, candles, and beauty products.    The honey selection is second to none.  If you want to try different types of honeys from different parts of the world, this is your place.

Connected to the HoneyBee Centre in Surrey (which also sells bee Main Street Honey Shoppe (inside)keeping supplies) their depth and breadth of knowledge is impressive.  There are instructional sessions held at the shop – email them to get on their mailing list for updates about activities at the store.

They also have a selection of tea and some baked goods made with the products.  A lovely bright shop and well worth the visit.

Eatin’s Canada – April


  1. The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character:
  2. An extract or concentrate obtained from a plant or other matter and used for flavouring or scent. (Oxford)

There may in some quarters be a debate about what is the most Canadian food, but here at Eatin’s Canada it is recognized that Maple Syrup is the essence of Canadian spring..and the most Canadian of foods.

This year, given the long and harsh winter, April is the month of the essence, when the warming of the weather allows the sap to run freely, filling buckets with pure liquid, almost like water, but ever so slightly sweet.  JP Campbell returns with part two of the sugarbush story.

Maple Syrup, The Essence of Spring, our feature Food for Thought article takes us from tapping, though the cooking process, to the final product. Later in the month, we’ll be featuring an article on another wonderful essence…Honey, but more on that when it arrives. When time permits, there will also be a follow-up and progress report on the seedlings.

Meanwhile, we have reviews and recipes for your reading and cooking pleasure:

Reviews: GaddAboutEating’s review of West Coast Seeds. For those that have not yet begun their gardens, as I did last month, there is still time to get seeds and start them indoors. Through the month, we’ll also be reviewing some other products and some events, watch for updates.

Recipes: In honour of the season, Gurpreet Chana has created a Canadian version of Gulab Jamun, an Indian classic dessert, using a maple based syrup, rather than a rosewater scented one. Lindiwe Sithole has provided a new Zimbabwean comfort food, Oxtail Stew, and Glen Synoground has returned with a delicious and tempting Crispy Szechuan Chicken recipe.

Before you go…don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list and get a FREE copy of our eCookbook, Easy Date Oven, with simple and delicious recipes for easy entertaining.

Free Cookbook Offer! Eatin's Canada - Easy Date Oven
Free Cookbook Offer!
Eatin’s Canada – Easy Date Oven

Review – West Coast Seeds

Review by GaddAboutEating. Photo from West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds

4930A Elliott Street
Ladner, BC, British Columbia
Canada, V4K 2Y1


Don’t worry – it’s not just for West Coast People.   This is the place to go for organic seeds and gardening supplies and they are available online or in person.  I started using West Coast Seeds years ago.   At that point they weren’t in their fancy store.   It was a shop in a barn on a farm property.   The  selection was very good  and the service has always been consistently great:  pleasant, helpful, and well-informed staff.

West Coast Seeds believes in the principles of organic gardening and as such they only sell untreated seeds.  They have wonderful varieties of heritage, heirloom and organic seeds for your vegetables and flower gardens.

The staff is wonderfully knowledgeable and incredibly helpful.  It’s an interesting experience listening to their conversations with other customers and you scan the racks of seeds – what you overhear are some interesting tidbits about other’s gardening practices and concerns as well as getting the sense that all the staff are genuinely interested in helping and are very passionate about what they do.


Most years I start my seeds super early and fill up my tiny kitchen table and shelves with trays and lights.   This year I’ve managed to show some restraint – only because of my incredibly busy school schedule – and am about 2 months behind.   Which probably puts me right in line with when normal people would start.

I haven’t yet taken my Spring trip out to their store but good news is:  I have a selection of seeds that I’ve been collecting for years; I’m seeing West Coast Seed displays in my local garden centres; and – something you internet people will love – they have an amazing catalogue and webstore.

The website is an amazing resource itself.
The site includes planting guides for all areas of Canada  [LINK]  as well as many other informative guides, instructive articles and blogs, and glossaries.

Happy Spring!!!

West Coast Seeds
West Coast Seeds

GaddAboutEating at Tibisti Grill

Article and photography by GaddAboutEating, Voiceover by Lew Williams. 

February is the Month of Love.

I love food.  I love sharing food.  I love sharing food with the people I love.   It’s lovely.

I must have written about this place a half dozen times; visited too many times to count.   Watched, years ago, as the renovations were done to the space and were eager to see what was being brought to life in the neighborhood.  (I really don’t have to GaddAbout very far in order to enjoy some incredible food). Tibisti has that ‘family’ feel;  you will be welcomed on your first visit and treated as if you were a long-time friend.

Tibisti baclawaAbsolutely the BEST baclawa.  Yes I realize I am reviewing the last part of the dinner first.  I cannot be expected to leave the best to last.

Best Baclawa Ever.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  My partner theorized that the key was in the honey used.    When complemented on its excellence the chef said it’s his specialty – a secret.  I asked if the secret was the honey or the sweet water he used;   I got  no reply from him other than ‘he makes his own syrup”.  So it remains a mystery…. but isn’t that what magic is all about?

…and why should I have to save the best for last?…


Mirgaz or Merguez.   What a lovely word.   What delicious food.  It’s a North African and Middle Eastern food.  Spiced ground meat with seasonings.  Sometimes it is put into a casing – made into a sausage. Tibisiti style is wrapped on flat long skewers and grilled.  Fresh.

Tibisti hummusHummous.   The food of the gods.  An ancient food made with basic ingredients.   Delicious and freshly made and like everything else at Tibisti:  it is the best.

Tender, lemony roasted potatoes.   Drool factor about Tibisti lemon roast potatoesan 11 on a scale of 10.   I’m making myself hungry while I’m typing this up.  I’ve managed to figure out a fairly decent recipe for making these at home but no matter what I do – they are never as good as the real thing made by Chef Mohammad at Tibisti.

Tibisti ribeye steak dinnerHalal meat from the butcher’s case, sliced fresh and grilled to  absolute perfection.  Tender and tasty.

Tibisti offers an eat-in, take out grill with a variety of tender and juicy Lebanese and South Asian dishes.  Great service and atmosphere. When they say “This is the best ______ you’ve ever had”, they’re telling the truth.

Tibisti Foods & Grill
(604) 737-1000
6990 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

Green Tomato Pickle Relish

Green Tomato Pickle Relish is a delicious condiment and a great use for green tomatoes of any kind.  Tomatoes can be diced for a fine relish, or cut in chunks or sliced to make a tomato pickle.   I like both and I usually make a batch of each. Spice level can be adjusted by the use of hot peppers, or none.This is a wonderfully easy and delicious recipe.   Perfect for new cooks who might be wary of the home canning process (easy instructions here)or for those more experienced and looking to use up some of the tomatoes that remain green into our Canadian autumn.