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Yield of a bushel of tomatoes

    Canned Tomatoes, Salsa, and Ketchup

    Tomatoes are one of those things that really show the value of a hands-on approach. The best tomatoes are the ones you grow yourself and those you can yourself.

    Since I can’t guarantee that there will be enough ripe tomatoes in my garden on a day when I also have time to can them, I tend to buy those that I want to preserve as ripe tomatoes and use the ones in the garden for recipes featuring green tomatoes…or having them fresh and ripe in a salad, or on a sandwich.


    This year I used the green tomatoes to make Mincemeat, Green Tomato Relish, Zen Tomatoes, and some Green Tomato Pickles. I considered buying two bushels of tomatoes, but in the end, it was enough to have bought one. From this I got the following:

    Canned Tomatoes
    5 x 1 Litre
    2x 3 Cups
    1 x 1 Pint
    2 x 1/2 Pint

    Salsa click here for recipe
    2 x 3 Cup
    9 x 1 Pint
    9 x 1/2 Pint

    Ketchup click here for recipe
    1 x 1 Pint
    14 x 1/2 Pint
    3  x  1/4 Pint

    3 Litres Tomato Sauce
    4 Litres of 3 Bean Chili

    The bonus part here is that the ketchup was made using only the  trimmings from the tomatoes.

    Canned Tomatoes, Salsa, Chili, and Ketchup
    Canned Tomatoes Salsa Chili and Ketchup

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