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Homesteaders Emporium (Vancouver) – a review by GaddAboutEating

    Homesteaders Emporium

    Homesteaders Emporium

    649 E Hastings St
    Vancouver , BC, British Columbia
    Canada, V6A 1R2
    (604) 568-7675

    Blessed are the Cheese Makers, the Bee Keepers, and the Folks at Homesteaders Emporium where you can find what you want or need for all types of homesteading activities. Old fashioned and new fangled; practical and beautiful things.

    Candles, canning and cheese; in this store you’ll find the supplies for these.

    Sausage making
    Mushroom Cultivation

    Farm & Garden supplies from seed to tool and don’t forget bee keeping, composting, and backyard chicken coops.

    Home and Garden supplies from cookware to storage and also:  knitting and fibrecrafts,

    The store and website are full of some great things and connections to some amazing knowledge.  Check out their EVENTS page for some great happenings!!!!  You should definitely visit them soon.

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